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Premier Graphics

Enhanced printing up to 10 colors at 200 line screen for PACKAGING THAT POPS!

Compatible Filling

Terminated gussets promote the use of the same filling equipment as stand-up pouches


Promotes sustainability initiatives and are easily stacked “cubed” in corrugated containers

Extensive Printable Area

Five full panels for enhanced graphics and design possibilities

Hook to Hook Closures

PRESS-LOK® closures provide smooth, easy closure with a distinctive sound when opening/closing.

Slider Closure

advanced slider technology to enable convenient opening and closing for small bag formats.

Foldover & Glued Bottom

for better shape, shelf appearance, and an additional panel for graphics.

Perforation Capabilities

for air evacuation to allow for easy filling.

Laser Scoring, Tear Notches, and Micro-Perforations

allow for clean and easy tears, as well as ventilation for easy filling and aromatic marketing.

Fully Opened Top

option allows for additional product space and easy filling.

Versatile Pinch-Bottom

pouch with side gussets for a powerful, carton-like presence when displayed both upright and lying down.

Spouts & Fitments

allow for easy and convenient dispensing of liquid or dry products.

Mixed Webs

within the same pouch, provides for a variety of design and performance options.

Die-Cut Single Handle

offers a convenient solution for transporting and dispensing product.

Die-Cut Dual Handle

makes product transporting easy and convenient.

Indirect Venting

provides a means for air evacuation to increase product filling rates and efficiency while not compromising product integrity.

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