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With growing consumer focus on convenience and sustainability, the packaging industry has seen companies racing to transition their products from rigid to flexible packaging.  But consumer satisfaction isn’t the only reason companies are making the push to shift from rigid to flexible.

We are dedicated to providing you with the ability to meet these consumer demands, while still preserving the valuable features of Purposeful, Powerful Packaging.

Some of the additional advantages of flexible packaging include:

  • Lightweighting
    • Lighter packaging allows for lower transportation costs, reduced warehousing space, and less waste
  • Barrier Advantages
    • Structures are customized to provide the exact barrier properties needed for product protection
  • Differentiation and Convenience
    • Flexible packages offers unlimited formats, shapes, and features, such as handles and fitments, for added convenience
  • Ease for Supply Chain
    • Flexible packages provide a complete solution for branding and product protection, with no need for labels or secondary packaging


We are a member of the Flexible Packaging Association, Flexographic Technical Association, and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, all of which represent our commitment to support economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials.

We adhere to processes and procedures within our facilities that are on the leading edge of industry sustainability practices.

These practices and procedures focus on:

  • Product Innovations, Raw Material & Vendor Selection
    • Creating light-weight packaging to replace more heavy-weight and rigid packaging options.
    • Generating less waste by decreasing the gauge of films, yet maintaining and enhancing properties
    • Working with suppliers supporting the same sustainability initiatives
    • Continual research and education on the industry’s best sustainable material options and practices
  • Enhanced Process & Product Technology
    • New equipment and technology for quick set-ups and low scrap
    • Anilox cleaning system that recycles cleaner when eliminating solvents
    • X-Rite Technology to reduce ink and solvent waste
    • Ink Dispensing System to decrease ink waste
    • Ink Cleaning System to reduce solvent waste
    • “Work-off ink” initiative to minimize ink waste
    • Trim Removal System to consolidate waste for recycling
  • Waste Stream Reduction
    • Goal of “Zero-Landfill”
    • Recycle as much as possible: end boards, zipper spools, cores, core caps, metal clips, pallets, solvents, inks, 55 gallon drums, oil, anti-freeze, batteries, light bulbs, scrap and trim, rollstock, corrugated, paper, rags and textiles, rubber, wood
    • Alternative Solid Waste Program to incinerate waste for energy creation
  • Energy & Water Conservation
    • Regenerative Thermal Oxidation to reduce natural gas usage by 80%
    • Motion detection light system with high-efficiency light bulbs to decrease energy usage
    • Energy efficient thermostat controls and high-speed doors for climate control
    • Water recycle units to lower plant water consumption
    • Maximize pallet utilization and aggregate shipping to conserve fuel