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The 3 pillars of sustainability.

I’m sure we can all agree as business professionals, consumers, engineers, and normal humans; there needs to be a stronger stance on sustainability.

Our VP of Strategic Sales couldn’t agree more.

“As corporate sustainability objectives continue to turn into solid mandates, the timing appears perfect for serious sustainable packaging solutions. Growing environment awareness by the consumer provides brand owners a tremendous opportunity to address their packaging options, and the benefits that come with turning to sustainable packaging.”

-Dave Potter; Vice President of Strategic Sales

Now that we have something in common, let us tell you what we think are the most important ideas for corporate sustainability.

The Three Pillars


The environment is everything. Without it there is no surviving. So that bears the question; what can corporate America do to help?

For your organization, it might start with the product. What can you do to make your product more sustainable?

Switching over to a sustainable package would have a profound impact on the footprint of your company.

Plus, added benefit of giving your consumer peace-of-mind that their favorite product came in a sustainable package.

(see How 2 Recycle Drop Off Program to see how you can access their logo)

From there, it goes to internal process. An example would be a company recycling policy. Place recycling bins at every desk, giving opportunity to reduce waste.

(leave a comment on this post, we would love to hear what you all are doing.)

At PPT, we take pride in building and maintaining strong processes internally to help minimize our corporate impact on the planet. This gets done by focusing on the idea of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Our sustainable products page does a great job outlining how we take initiative.

Up next.


If you landed on this post, that means you are interested in what goes into corporate sustainability.

The focus of the economic pillar is how efficiently your company utilizes assets to boost profitability and sustainability together.

Take the time to properly visit this pillar and figure out your strategy to investing in sustainability.

If successfully executed you can see results in cost savings, job creation, long range planning, and even research & development.

But this isn’t where it ends, the driver behind this entire journey?



The third and last pillar—social is about providing opportunity to get better. This comes from developing training programs, promoting & accepting diversity, health and wellness programs. Anything that promotes the well being of humans will fit perfectly.

There you have it; the three pillars of sustainability that every company should focus on.

At PPT, we are dedicated to evolving, educating, and ultimately providing solutions that help spark a positive impact on the global sustainability mission.

Sustainable Packaging is Here

Wait right there. We can’t just expect you to read this post without giving you something in return.

We have some exciting news and we are pumped to share it with you.

Drum roll please………..

Thrive Sustainable Packaging

Our Recyclable Packaging Solution.

We have officially launched our sustainable packaging line – Thrive™.

This branded line of flexible packaging has become our main way to advance sustainable packaging and thus keep our customers, our team and the planet happier!

The Thrive program consists of a variety of solutions dedicated to providing CPGs like yours with the opportunity of fulfilling their sustainability mission.

Contact us here to find out how you can make your packaging sustainable.

Your Packaging Partner,


“Enrich People’s Lives and the Products they Use with Purposeful, Powerful, Packaging”

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