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Welcome to PPT’s new website. We’re glad you made it over! We wanted to launch something more user friendly for customers (and future customers) like you. And while being America’s leading manufacturer of the highest quality and innovative flexible packaging solutions, we needed to make it special, modern and memorable.

If you pop around, you’ll see some new sections. But what’s the big deal about a new site, anyway? Let’s break down the challenges we had with the old site, why we redesigned and what we’ve added to improve the overall experience for YOU.

Why did we redesign?

We knew we had to ensure our first impression digitally matched us in person. Additionally, we needed more inviting language, creating more clarity to all the technical information. This will decrease the chance of our visitors feeling pressured as new users. We wanted to thoroughly display meaning from our business and offer an easy communication space to solve any questions, comments or challenges you might have.

More than a fresh look.

Our new site is much easier to navigate around for everyone. It’s mobile friendly for research and meeting requests while on the go, has better user experience and is easy to navigate.  There are new high-resolution photos of our headquarters, friendly staff, and modern equipment. Plus, there’s a sweet new Plaspack Company feature video. See for yourself!

Ultimately, this new space is here to offer informative and exciting blog posts, company information and maybe even some exclusive deals in the future!

Stay tuned for more!

Your Packaging Partner,


“Enrich People’s Lives and the Products they Use with Purposeful, Powerful, Packaging”

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