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Top 5 Benefits
Top 5 Benefits

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We are spending a ton of time discussing our mission of “enhancing people’s lives and the products they use through purposeful, powerful packaging.”

This weeks discussion was around the benefit that your end customers see when you use Flexible Packaging for your product.

We couldn’t decide on just one, so we decided to give you the top 5 that came up in our talk.


Product Freshness

Keeping your product fresh for longer periods of time is an expectation from your customer. You have to find a solution that will allow them to enjoy your product longer. The days of immediate consumption are over, and your customer expects to be able to sit your product down and come back to it with the same experience they had the first time. This is accomplished with added barrier components within the film structure of the package.


Convenience is something that we humans not only enjoy but are looking for at all times. We are constantly innovating ways to get time back in our daily lives. You can help your customer accomplish this by adding in a zipper, giving them the opportunity to consume or use your product at their own speed.

Lower cost

Consumers are constantly dealing with price hikes. Imagine this; what if you were able to DROP the price of your product? Talk about a curveball. By packaging your product in Rollstock you will see faster runs, and cheaper deliverability. Think about how your customer would feel if they see your product in a brand-new package with graphics that are out of this world, and the price dropped by $.05. They are going to throw 5 of your product in their cart and walk away with a huge smile on their face.

Shopping Confidence

Speaking of a smile on their face. When they see their favorite product going down in price without compromising performance, they will have even more confidence in your product. As a brand what else would you want? Your customer having faith that you will provide an awesome product at an even better price, with a package that makes their life easier; that’s what develops brand loyalty.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Last but not least, this is by far the most sustainable packaging format that you will find. It costs less, reduces your carbon footprint, faster to make, easier to store, all of the above. Your customer will thrive at the idea of their favorite brand helping the environment by empowering a sustainable life style through the products they use.

So, there you have it. The top 5 benefits you can provide your customer by using Laminated Rollstock for your product’s package.

A Small Favor

We take a lot of pride in providing you with a quality product on time, but do you want to know something we love even more?

Your opinion.

Leave a comment on this post and let’s have a conversation about Flexible Packaging. We Would love to answer any questions you might have.

Look forward to chatting.


Kris K.

“Enrich People’s Lives and the Products they Use with Purposeful, Powerful, Packaging”

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