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Work with Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) for superior food and beverage flexible packaging. Keep your production efficient with our quick turnaround and prompt delivery. And with vivid graphics and impressive packaging, your products will have a strong shelf presence.

Packaging Options for Streamlined and Sanitary Production


PPT provides you with custom food packaging designed for efficient and sterile production.

  • Sanitary Products – We provide solutions that meet your sanitation requirements. If you have any specific concerns about food safety, feel free to get in touch.
  • Crisp Graphics – Print custom designs on your food and beverage packaging. We have the capacity to print all your packages in-house. Outstanding graphics are key to standing out at the grocery store.
  • Quick Turnaround – PPT has the production capacity to achieve quick turnarounds for custom-printed rollstock. No delays in production on your end; meet your production deadlines and fulfill all delivery requirements on time.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions – Our F&B packaging solutions come with competitive prices that do not compromise quality.



Laser Scoring

Make your food packages more user-friendly through laser scoring. With a definite tear structure, your product is much easier to open — an attractive choice for today’s busy consumers.


Tear Notches

Give your customers convenience by adding tear notches on your packaging. A precise, clear-cut notch allows for easy opening and prevents packaging struggles that discourage consumers.



Micro-perforations enable gas permeation and help maintain the rate of respiration of food products resulting in improvements in shelf-life.



Produce more functional packaging with the INNO-LOK Zipper. It’s an effective closure option that keeps products fresh and maximizes its shelf life. It makes you stand out from other options on the shelf.

Custom Solutions for Intelligent Packaging

PPT designs packaging tailored to your product and production.

Sustainable Options – We offer eco-friendly dry and frozen food packaging solutions that forward your sustainability goals.

Superior Quality – Our solutions provide product protection to withstand external stress during distribution and storage.
Diverse Selection – Choose from a wide array of formats, shapes, and features. We have flexible packages that accommodate a wide-variety of food and beverages. From custom printed stand-up pouches to eco-friendly large lay-down bags. We have you covered!
Let’s devise intelligent package solutions for your food and beverage products.

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