Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC

Health and Beauty Packaging Design for Products that Stand Out

Create health and beauty products that stand out on the shelf and grab shoppers’ attention. Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) manufactures packaging solutions that meet your sanitation requirements and keep your production efficient, giving you a leg up in the cutthroat beauty industry.

Packaging that Reflects Your Brand Persona


Customize your cosmetic packaging according to your target market. Whether your beauty brand is whimsical or serious, feisty or friendly, sophisticated or trendy, we’ll craft packaging solutions that appeal to the modern beauty consumer.

Showcase Your Brand Personality – It is integral to get your cosmetic packaging design perfect so it will stand out on the shelf. With the perfect combination of the right package format and excellent graphics, your product will reflect your brand persona accurately. We’ll incorporate your preferred color palette, font styles, images, icons, and other elements that make you unique.

Use Vivid Graphics – Expect clean lines, perfect alignment, and the exact shade on every panel. PPT has the capability to print everything in-house.


Eco-Friendly Solutions

Achieve your sustainability goals with eco-friendly flexible cosmetic packaging. Without compromising product protection and production efficiency, we produce products with a reduced environmental impact. Check out our new Thrive line of sustainable packaging!

Specialized Features

Go the extra mile for your packaging. PPT offers laser scoring and tear notches for convenient opening. We also offer micro-perforations that allow for aeration for special products.

Custom Solutions for Beautiful Packaging

Impress beauty consumers with packaging that’s gorgeous, functional, and eco-friendly. At the same time, keep production efficient with quick turnarounds and competitive pricing.

Superior Quality – Your custom beauty packaging will withstand the external stresses of distribution and storing. It provides superior product protection, keeping your items safe until your customers are able to enjoy them.
Diverse Selection – We provide a wide selection of packaging options, so you can choose ones that meet your requirements. Our selection includes roll stock, pinch-bottom pouches, lay-down bags, stand-up pouches, box pouches, and more.
Quick Turnaround – We have the capability to provide quick turnarounds, even for eco-friendly beauty packaging. You’ll meet your production deadlines and make sure all deliveries are fulfilled.
Create packages that set you apart from other beauty brands. Schedule a consultation today with Plastic Packaging Technologies, a leading health and beauty packaging manufacturer.