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Compliant, High-Quality OTC Healthcare Product Packaging

Provide Better OTC Healthcare Products With Better Packaging

Provide Better Healthcare Products With Better Packaging


Through custom, superior packaging, your healthcare products will gain greater marketability and support patient safety.

  • Clear Information – Label legibility is a concern among healthcare product manufacturers, as they may not have the tools to verify if the labels are legible for the consumers. Our in-house graphics team produces clear, crisp text that is readable for your target market.
  • Sturdy Packaging – Our solutions withstand external stresses during distribution and storage, providing superior product protection from your facilities to the drugstore shelves. 



Easy-Open Features

PPT offers laser scoring and creation of tear notches, which make your product more functional. Your buyers will appreciate the no-fuss, easy-to-open packaging.


High Sanitation Standards

We can provide materials that meet your sanitation standards. If you have specific measures against contamination in your facility, feel free to discuss it with us.

Diverse Solutions, Same Superior Quality

Several Healthcare Markets – Our solutions cater to various fields of healthcare. We can cater to manufacturers with diverse product lines.
Stringent Requirements – We work closely with you to meet sanitation and production requirements. We collaborate on the format, shape, and features, so you get the exact solution you’re looking for.
Eco-Friendly Options – PPT offers ThriveTM, a more sustainable line of recyclable materials that support your sustainability efforts.
Competitive Prices – Our solutions come with competitive prices that do not compromise quality. We’re a cost-effective choice when it comes to healthcare packaging.
Choose healthcare packaging that supports your brand and fosters trust.

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