Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC

Lawn and Garden Product Packaging as Tough as the Outdoors

Plastic Packaging Technology (PPT) helps you handle the challenges in packaging for lawn and garden products. We offer solutions that keep seeds, soil, and fertilizers fresh and easy to store.

Packaging That Sells a Lifestyle

  • Excellent Graphics – Print crisp graphics that show an accurate image of the plants or flowers, from the hue of the petals to the texture of the leaves. We have the capacity to print everything in-house.
  • Functional Packaging – Customize your packaging with functional features. Your lawn and garden products can have resealable packages, which allow for convenient storage and transport. They can also have easy-opening mechanisms that ease the work of home gardeners.
  • Effective Product Protection – Whether you’re packaging garden seeds, soil, or fertilizers, we can create solutions that protect and showcase your product.
  • Sturdy Materials – Your lawn and garden products will be encased in sturdy packaging that withstands the stresses of distribution and storage. They’ll make it in one piece, from your facility to the shelf to storage in a garage or shed.



Laser Scoring

Place a defined tear structure on your product packaging for easy opening. Your customers will appreciate the convenience that laser scoring offers.


Tear Notches

Avoid wrap rage and make your product more user-friendly by adding precise tear notches. Associate your brand with convenience and functionality.



Micro-perforations can assist with air evacuation to allow for easy filling and enable controlled gas permeation.



Consumers appreciate the convenience of more functional packaging with the INNO-LOK Zipper. It’s an effective closure option that keeps products fresh, maximizes its shelf life, and helps your product to stand out from other options on the shelf.

Intelligent Packaging Solutions for Lawn and Garden

PPT is your lawn and garden packaging supplier of choice because we combine superior quality with efficient production and competitive prices.

Quick Turnaround– We have the capability to deliver a quick turnaround, even in cases of large volume orders.

Stringent Requirements – We work closely with you to meet sanitation and production requirements. We collaborate on the format, shape, and features, so you get the exact solution you’re looking for.

Sustainable Packaging – We offer eco-friendly lawn and garden packaging. You’ll be able to target modern home gardeners who are conscious of their environmental impact.

Let’s craft a sustainable and efficient packaging solution for your lawn and garden company.

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