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Craft creative and unique packaging that truly sets you apart from your competitors.
Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) helps you create a lasting impression on your buyers.

Stand Out From Your Competitors With Specialty Packaging


Nothing grabs the attention of a buyer more than unconventional but attractive packaging. PPT designs and manufactures specialty packaging with care and creativity, so you win people over at first glance.

  • Custom Solutions – Customize your specialty packaging according to your marketing goals. Choose from a virtually limitless combination of colors, textures, font styles, and packaging materials. We’ll guide you in ensuring durability, cost-effectiveness, and feasibility of production.
  • Vivid Graphics – Your customized packaging will bear excellent graphics — precise colors, perfect alignment, legible text, and crisp images. PPT has the capacity to handle all your designing and printing needs in-house.
  • Eco-Friendly Options – You don’t have to sacrifice sustainability in the name of fashionable packaging. PPT offers a wide array of eco-friendly materials. PPT offers ThriveTM, a more sustainable line of recyclable materials that support your sustainability efforts.
  • Durable Materials – Despite its unconventional shape and format, your specialty packaging will be able to stand up to external stresses, especially during distribution and storage.


resealable packageresealable packageresealable package

Resealable Packages

If you want your custom packaging to be resealable. Apart from a bold look, your packaging will also be functional and convenient.



If your product needs ventilation, we can place micro-perforations on the packaging. This keeps the contents fresh and allows your consumers to enjoy its aroma without opening it.

Innovative Solutions, Same Standard of Quality

PPT upholds the same standards of excellence when manufacturing specialty product packaging.

Quick Turnaround– We have the capacity to deliver a quick turnaround, despite producing atypical packaging.
Efficient Production – We meet your production requirements — especially the packaging format — so you can easily load the packaging into your assembly process. We work closely with you to determine your sanitation and other relevant standards.
Competitive Pricing – Our specialty product packaging boasts several advantageous features, like eco-friendliness and flexibility, but still at competitive prices. We focus on cost-effective solutions
Let us build one-of-a-kind packaging for your product.

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