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Choosing the Right Home Products Packaging Solutions

Packaging is essential for making home care products. It protects them during transport, promotes user safety and gives you a way to share additional customer service and safety information with customers.
Here are some of the product areas in which we specialize.

Home Products

When a customer buys your product, safety is non-negotiable. And it’s the job of your home product packaging to deliver. Plastic Packaging Technologies can customize your home product packaging to ensure safety and hit your marketing goals. Choose from an unlimited combination of packaging materials and textures, colors and font styles.

Lawn and Garden

Products made for outdoor use must stand up to the elements.

For example, seed packets may be left outside in the sun or rain—so U.V. and water-resistant lawn and garden product packaging is required. Tear-resistant packaging is also essential to minimize the risk of children, or wildlife, tampering with the product. PPT helps you handle the challenges of lawn and garden packaging. We offer solutions that keep seeds, soil, and fertilizers fresh and easy to store.

More people than ever are taking up gardening as a hobby! So you need gardening products packaging that sets you apart from the competition. PPT delivers excellent, crisp graphics, functional packaging with convenient features, effective product protection and sturdy materials.

Trust us to combine superior quality with efficient production and competitive prices!


Fertilizer packaging usually includes plastic and nylon. But organic fertilizer packaging can require special materials for organic fertilizer ingredients like rocks, animal bones and plants. With any organic product, sustainable packaging is also important to your customer base. That’s why Plastic Packaging Technologies offers a wide range of materials that maintain quality while minimizing their impact on nature.


Mulch packaging must be strong enough to withstand outdoor storage and safe enough to stack. Durable plastics are often used for cost-effective mulch bags. PPT offers a variety of products for your mulch storage with UV-resistant and puncture proofing properties as well as easy-seal features

Let’s craft a sustainable and efficient packaging solution for your home products packaging. Schedule a consultation today.

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