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Custom Tobacco Packaging

Engaging colors and eye-catching designs are critical marketing tools for most packaging. However, there are sensitivities in tobacco packaging and mandatory regulations that must be followed.

As a result, there has been a significant shift toward plainer tobacco packaging. According to WHO, the plain packaging of tobacco products is a considerable demand reduction measure to increase the effectiveness of health warnings.

Plastic Packaging Technologies can help you create superior quality tobacco packaging while following regulatory guidelines.

Tobacco Pouches

As a tobacco packaging company, our tobacco pouches are among the most reliable and durable packaging materials for various tobacco products. They provide excellent strength, moisture resistance and long-lasting shelf life.

Cigarette Boxes

Boxes are perfect for packing medicated cigarettes, menthol cigarettes, tobacco cigarettes, cannabis cigarettes and CBD cigarettes.

Custom cigarette boxes keep all types of cigarettes safe and presentable. They are ideal for preserving cigarettes and keeping them from getting wet or dried out.

PPT uses the latest design methods to help your cigarette packaging reflect your brand and adhere to regulations.

Tobacco Leaf Packaging

To stand out from competitors, tobacco suppliers now offer tobacco-leaf products in more user-friendly, eco-friendly and child-resistant packaging forms.

A flexible, resealable pouch is a great option.

Tobacco zip-lock pouches in laminated packaging films make sure cigar tobacco leaves, loose tobacco leaves, and roll-your-own tobacco leaves are well preserved. So when users open the pouch, the classic smell and taste are as good as if they bought the tobacco leaf yesterday.

PPT can create custom-size pouches in up to nine colors, using top-grade material and inks that preserve your tobacco products.

Chewing Tobacco Packaging

Plastic herbal chew cans and containers help prevent waste and are most used for chewing tobacco.

PPT can create a plastic chew jar made out of food-grade polypropylene that’s BPA-free and FDA-approved. These one- and two-ounce plastic tins are also great for tobacco alternatives like gum and mints.

Let’s craft a sustainable and efficient packaging solution for your custom tobacco packaging. Schedule a consultation today.

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