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You have likely had many discussions about refreshing product packaging and you should – packaging design is evolving quickly and should be an innovative, rewarding process to undertake. How you will customize your packaging to stand out in a sea of sameness, grab the attention of customers, and keep your product fresh are only a few considerations to developing winning packaging!

Packaging technology has come a long way in recent years. One of the most exciting and popular advancements is the use of flexible films, rollstock to support packaging needs. With quick turnaround times, customized graphics, and much more, there are many reasons why businesses choose to roll with high-quality rollstock. 

1. Catching Consumer Eyes with Customization 

Branding is extremely important for all companies but it is especially important if you are trying to stand out on a shelf with 10 other products similar to your own. Customers today are looking for functional packaging that has a little extra pizazz when it comes to the products they buy. Rollstock can be incorporated into your custom pouches so you can catch the eyes of your consumer. 

Customize for Functionality

Add features that consumers are looking for like Inno-lok for a reclosable zipper, so the product maintains freshness even after opening. If you want to ensure easy opening of that package- add laser scoring and tear notches. For easy product filling or breathability add micro-perforations. With so many advancements in film technology, there are specialized solutions to protect your products!  

Customize for a Fabulous Look

Are you an organic dog treat brand that wants to appeal to those who love the great outdoors? Adorn your packaging with beautiful mountain and lake views that remind your customers of the last great hike they had with their dog. Maybe you have created delicious healthy snacks for toddlers and want to appeal to busy parents – bright, colorful packaging with fun shapes might be the way to go for you!

With flexographic printing technology you can bring your brand to life with vivid colors, matte textures, or photo-quality realism. 

The amazing wide-range of color and superior clarity that comes from printing on rollstock is unmatched and customers can tell a difference.

2. Superior Product Protection

Your packaging could look amazing but the product inside needs to be equally amazing if you want customers to repurchase. Part of ensuring the quality of your product is to protect your product. As you probably could have guessed, rollstock can do that for you!

Leverage Rollstock film technologies to keep things like moisture, oxygen, UV light, dust, and vapor out of the package. This results in increased shelf life which will result in a fresher product for your customers and reduces the amount of product that will need to be tossed out because it surpassed an expiration date.

3. Quick Turnaround Times

In any packaging operation, delivering quality products at high service levels is critical. Your customers want the product and you want to satisfy that demand because that’s what it is all about, right?!

You can produce more packages per minute using high-quality rollstock on an FFS or VFS machine – point, blank, period. If you work with a well-versed packaging company, the ability to develop inventory quick turn and stocking programs will allow for reduced lead-times on replenishment. The time between when you place your packaging order and when you receive your order can be reduced with the right planning partner. 

4. Less Environmental Impact 

The use of Rollstock to develop flexible pouching or for product protection is a sustainable, light-weight option compared to traditional materials. New technology allows for a wide range of recyclable and post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials.

Rollstock uses significantly less material than rigid packaging and requires less energy to produce. The manufacturing process for rollstock packaging also releases fewer greenhouse gas emissions because it is so efficient.

It is important that you work with a packaging company that will treat your packaging as if it is their own and provides robust customization options to create something that speaks to your brand and provides fantastic protection for your product.

At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we meet all of those credentials and more. We offer full in-house custom packaging, our packaging engineers are here to help on the journey!  If you are looking for tight brand color standards we have ColorCert Technology, or if you need inventory at a moment’s notice, let’s talk customer programs so you can get exactly what you need, fast!
So, just one question remains…are you ready to roll with rollstock?

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