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While a product may be great on its own, the packaging is what truly sets it apart from the rest. However, coming up with new ideas about packaging design for your product can be hard to do, which is why inspiration plays a critical role in sparking new ideas.

In this article, we’ve put together some of the most popular packaging design trends of 2021 to help inspire your packaging design.

Continue reading below to learn more about how you can implement each trend with your next product and find out more about how Plastic Packaging Technologies can help take your products to the next level.

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Popular Packaging Design Trends in 2021

The way you package your goods has a significant impact on your business’s success, which is why it’s smart to keep an eye on package design trends throughout the year.

Not only will it help your brand stay relevant in the ever-changing industry dynamics, but it will also help you stay one step ahead of the curve and your competition. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular package design trends in 2021.


As it turns out, you can say all you need to say about your product without having to say much at all.

While some may look at it and call it “basic,” minimalism is an excellent way to express what kind of product you have in a simple yet effective manner. In fact, most minimalistic packaging designs provide considerable opportunities to add excitement without going overboard.

This type of “no-nonsense” branding not only conveys a sense of openness and honesty with your product, but it also provides a solid basis for creating trustworthy relationships with your customers while simultaneously stressing the simplicity and purity of your product.

Simple graphic design, label design, and modern text choices might be all you need to show your target audience what your brand is all about. The elegance of a clean, clutter-free box design on supermarket shelves is evidence that less truly is more.

Gradient Colors

The use of gradients is catching up with designers in every industry and is becoming one of the most dominant themes in package design.

The idea behind the use of gradient colors is that it lets designers build a sense of freshness and individuality while still revitalizing their brand reputation.

Gradient colors not only provide dimension and depth to the product packaging, but they can also be a great way to add texture and excitement to help your company stand out on shelves.

Heritage Branding Packaging Design

Brands with a long history also have a vast visual legacy that they can rely on for their product packaging. Across a wide variety of markets, many brands are heading back in time in search of old trends to harness a sense of connection with their customers through nostalgia.

Whether it’s rereleasing a retro version of a product with vintage fonts and color schemes or promoting a series of limited-edition versions of the same product to commemorate the brand’s long history, heritage branding packaging can be used in several ways.

Heritage branding is a welcome treat for customers, especially for those who have been loyal to your brand throughout the years.

Flat Graphics

A picture is worth a thousand words, which has led many brands to use their product packaging to tell a story of their own through the use of plain and often cartoonish graphics. These are some examples of coffee packaging with multiple designs.


Reminiscent of web icons, flat graphics have become a common trend in the product packaging industry, as they provide an easily customizable way to transform any illustration into an artistic medium.

This minimalist style provides artists with an opportunity to create simple yet crisp designs and give their product’s packaging a unique look through the removal of three-dimensional restrictions.

Interactive Packaging Design

The user’s experience is always the number one priority when it comes to your product packaging. What better way is there to give a customer a new experience than allowing them to interact with your product?

Whether it’s a jar of pasta sauce or a bottle of wine, interactive packaging allows brands to enhance and improve the overall experience that customers have with their products.

With the help of evolving technologies, interactive packaging provides your company with an entertaining and beautifully crafted way to create a completely unique relationship with your customers.

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Quick Tips for Product Packaging Design

When done correctly and in an innovative way, product packaging speaks for itself. Not only does it incentivize customers to purchase your product, but it also makes them feel better about their purchase.

However, much more goes into the process than simply adding a fun logo and cool designs to your product packaging. Here are a few tips to help guide you in the right direction for your next product packaging project.


Patterns are a great and effective way to improve any basic product packaging design approach. While patterns may seem basic in structure, they have the ability to completely shift the design of a product’s packaging in an intriguing way.

You can also add a modern color scheme to give it a sophisticated look that speaks for itself when it’s on the shelf.

Additionally, patterns can also be used mechanically instead of visually, allowing customers to physically interact and engage with your product by giving them something to touch when they are holding your product.

Not only can it help customers maintain a firm grip on your product, but it also gives them a unique feel in their hands and gives them something visually appealing to look at.


In most cases, you don’t need to overthink your product packaging. Simplicity is key, and it’s never been more valid than when discussing product packaging. Using quality materials and effective color schemes, you can easily help your product stand out from its competitors.


Not only does a unique color scheme stand out on the shelves, but quality materials and out-of-the-box thinking can add an unexpected twist to customers who pick up your product to learn more about it.

We don’t expect sleek and simple product packaging to go out of style any time soon. Just make sure that the colors and materials you select for your packaging are consistent with your product and your company’s overall brand message.


Consistency is essential to every product’s packaging. While this can be said for every brand’s identity, messaging, design, and customer approach, product packaging continuity is just as critical.

With consistent packaging, your brand is instantly identifiable and instantly accepted by customers walking by simply due to their familiarity with your company.

This will not only increase brand loyalty with your customers but can also help in building buzz for the release of new products.

User Experience

When designing the packaging for your product, always consider the behavior of a person that is using your product. As a consumer, there’s nothing worse than a product that is difficult to open due to bad packaging design.

Be sure to create product packaging that allows your customers to use your product as efficiently as possible without requiring them to use something else to do so.

Bold Packaging Design

Last, but certainly not least, if you want your product to truly stand out amongst competitors, you may have to take a few risks along the way. If you have a product that exists in a competitive retail space, it’s critical that you always strive to be creative about how you package it.

Whether it’s completely transforming the packaging for a product or deciding to create a brand new look, taking bold and creative risks has the potential to attract attention and interest from customers who have never purchased your products before.

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Finding new and improved ways to draw attention to a product is always a challenge for businesses, but with a little inspiration, your company may surprise itself with the creative ideas you come up with.

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