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For a long time, the food packaging industry has provided customers with high-quality food packaging products and services, and high-quality packaging plays an integral role in the process. While there has been a lot of development in how food products are packaged, experts worldwide agree: rollstock film is one of the best food packaging solutions available.

Not only is it great for a wide range of food products, but rollstock film also comes with several additional benefits that traditional food packaging does not. This article will examine four food products that rollstock packaging is perfect for and why Plastic Packaging Technologies is the best packaging partner for all of your rollstock packaging needs.

What Is Rollstock Packaging?

Rollstock film is made of laminated film in one long, continuous sheet with a strong central cardboard core that is used in packaging equipment to shape and create customized packaging solutions. To make the roll, the laminated film is wound around a cylindrical cardboard base and is commonly used with form, fill and seal machines (FFS) that create the shape of the packaging, fill it with the product, and seals the packaging.

Rollstock offers complete coverage with airtight and moisture-tight sealing and can easily be printed with text and graphics for your brand, ingredients, and other labeling and branding information. Rollstock is also available in various colors and thicknesses to meet your brand’s specific requirements.

4 Food Products That Rollstock Packaging Is Perfect For

At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we believe in flexible packaging solutions designed with your specific requirements in mind. Our high-quality rollstock packaging solutions are perfect for a wide range of food products, including:

  • Coffee
  • Chips
  • Candy / Confectionary 
  • Frozen foods


Keeping your coffee beans fresh is critical to offering the greatest quality to your customers. Coffee packaging has progressed significantly from the simple paper goods of the past. New coffee packaging techniques allow you to quickly pack freshly roasted coffee beans while preventing extraneous effects from affecting the flavor.

Coffee enthusiasts worldwide are familiar with the pleasant aroma that exudes from a freshly opened coffee bag. However, many people are unaware that specialized rollstock packaging for the coffee business is specifically designed to preserve the freshness that many know and appreciate.

Specialty coffees are becoming more popular and diverse, and as demand grows, PPT continues to offer the best rollstock for your coffee packaging requirements.

Our pouches not only improve the aesthetics of your product but also significantly boost shelf life due to a greater oxygen and moisture barrier and the added convenience of a resealable product. Each one-of-a-kind packaging solution we provide is intended to not only meet but surpass your brand’s expectations and keep your product fresh while separating it from the competition.


From late-night food binges to afternoon snacks, chips are a daily snack that satisfies our food cravings and puts a smile on our faces. When it comes to providing your customers with the chips they love, we understand how critical it is that your salty snack packaging maintains powerful flavors, keeps them fresher for more extended periods, and commands attention on a crowded shelf.

Our rollstock packaging solutions deliver optimum convenience for your customers with appealing designs and bespoke features.

We provide rollstock packaging solutions with resealable closures, micro-perforations, tear notches, windows, and other features, making it ideal for a wide range of chips and snack products. Our rollstock packaging also allows you to design packaging as unique as your product, allowing for vibrant photos and graphics that will help your chips stand out from the competition and make your packaging stand out on store shelves.

With our rollstock packaging, your chips will never lose their crunch, and you can pack your potato chip with confidence.

Candy / Confectionery

Each morsel of sweet goodness is as important as the next, so you need to go out of your way to find the perfect packaging for your treats. Not only must your packaging meet specific requirements, but it must also provide consumers with convenience and functionality.

Additionally, as the candy industry becomes more competitive, companies must discover new and imaginative ways to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Our rollstock packaging solutions give you various options for your confectionery products, from bite-size sweets to bulk candies.

We understand the importance of having eye-catching packaging on the shelf, which is why we offer a variety of features such as press-to-close zippers, tear notches, and product windows. Backed by our industry knowledge, we can create rollstock packaging solutions that preserve the flavor, freshness, and quality of your confections so that the consumer can enjoy the satisfying delight that they’ve grown to expect.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food packaging is essential for many companies in a world where convenience reigns supreme. Pouches designed for frozen foods are a wonderful alternative for products such as frozen veggies, meats, prepared meals, and the like to suit the needs of consumers who are short on time but don’t want to compromise the quality of the food and ingredients they consume.

At PPT, our frozen food rollstock packaging maintains your food products’ quality, safety, and shelf-life stability. Our frozen food pouches are also available in various formats and sizes, with features such as Inno-Lok zippers, colorful high-quality graphics, tear notches, and more that make your products conveniently accessible and long-lasting.

Plastic Packaging Technologies — Your Rollstock Packaging Partner

As an industry leader in flexible packaging solutions, Plastic Packaging Technologies understands the vital role of packaging in today’s customer purchasing decisions. We take great pride in providing our customers with high-quality packaging solutions that help drive their success, and our rollstock film food packaging is perfect for a wide range of food products, and we 

Plastic Packaging Technologies is committed to helping our customers by producing the highest quality product packaging solutions for their specific requirements. Contact PPT today to speak with one of our flexible packaging experts about how we can help you grow your business.

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