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When it comes to marketing your product, packaging will  show the world what you have to offer! Long gone are the days of humans in the aisle to point you in a product direction, with online retail and self check out- the packaging has to sell your products. At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we specialize in designing and creating flexible packaging, customized to fit your needs. It is a fast-evolving solution that will give personality to your product. 

Flexible packaging offers maximum protection for your products and features that your customers will love. Not only will you show off your brand in style, but it will help to create a far better experience for buyers! 

The guide below is intended to provide you with the information you need to begin deciding what type of flexible packaging is right for your product.

Types of Flexible Packaging

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches offer so much for those looking for a packaging solution that works for a range of products. These pouches can stand up on shelves, which allow your customers easy visualization of what you have to offer and convenience for when they store the product at home. 

You can find standard barrier and high-barrier stand-up pouches made with high-quality materials. You can design them any way you choose, making them one of the most flexible options out there.


Rollstock is one of the most versatile packaging options out there. With fast turnaround times, the ability to use customized graphics and the opportunity to customize rollstock with features for functionality, it is an excellent flexible packaging solution. 

You can add things like Inno-Lock, which is a reclosable zipper to your product, maintaining its freshness at all times. 

Flat-Bottom Box Pouches

These packaging options have completely flat bottoms, allowing them to be stored and displayed upright. This design decision gives it sturdy storage and allows it to hold far more weight when compared to other types of packaging. 

They have gussets on the left and right as well as the bottom, and it’s been designed to look attractive from all angles. You can completely customize flat-bottom box pouches with eye-catching graphics and special finishes to help you stand out on store shelves. 

Pinch-Bottom Box Pouches


Pinch-bottom box pouches are a flexible packaging solution known to be the best bag for both medium- and larger-sized products. So, if you have heavy pet foods, whole bean or ground coffee or large yummy cookies, the pinch-bottom is the best option. 

The pinch-bottom pouches and bags have excellent sealing properties, and they offer airtight custom options to protect your products from external interruption. 

You can choose from laminated or coated materials to provide a barrier in the packaging, and there is a wide range of external finishes to really help your product stand out. The bags themselves are attractive to look at and can be stacked away neatly, too!

Single-Web Quad Bags

Most single-web quad bags are used as custom flexible packaging solutions for pet food, lawn and gardening products, and industrial materials. They’re a popular choice for reducing and eliminating the risk of infestation from external agents and spoilage. 

Like all of the options above, single-web quad bags can also be customized using high-quality graphics that speak to your target customer!

3-Side Seal Pouches

Those who are working with health and medical products, as well as food or tobacco items, may already know about 3-side seal pouches. These pouches are typically used for single serve items, but you can easily add a zipper for multiple use applications. 

You can eliminate the center back seal, and the packaging is convenient and great for narrow width products. They’re a cost-effective option with a range of materials and are most effective for running large quantities on a form fill seal machine (FFS).

Add-On Features

One of the most important things to note about custom flexible packaging is that you have the choice to add on a range of exciting features. These include the following:

  • Press-to-Close Zippers: If you and your customers prefer the look and convenience of single- or double-track, press-to-close zippers, this added feature makes for easy opening and closing of the packaging.
  • Perforation Capabilities: Perforations are an excellent choice if simplicity is part of your branding. They are great for an on-the-go snack. People can easily tear off the top and gain access to the tasty morsels on the inside.
  • Fully-Opened Top: A fully-opened top makes the packaging more efficient by opening up more space and allowing for easier filling and is perfect for all types of products.
  • Slider Closure & End Clip: This type of design makes opening and closing your product far easier., If you consumer wants the added security of knowing the pouch is sealed, this is a great option and they’re ultra-convenient, especially for larger bags.
  • Versatile Pinch Bottom: Packaging with this add-on is strengthened using gussets to give it more stability, as well as a more carton-like presence when both displayed upright and lying down.
  • Indirect Venting: Indirect venting allows for air to evacuate quickly and increase product filling rates without compromising the integrity of your products. Tt.
  • Spouts & Fitments: These options give a wide range of usage for products that require dispensing and reseal.They are perfect  for anything from food to home improvement materials. Spouts and filaments prevent messes and reduce waste when leveraged on a flexible pouch. .

This is only a sampling of all the different add-ons that we offer here at Plastic Packaging Technologies. Take a look at every additional feature that we have available to you!

The Importance of Custom-Printed Design

At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we have the ability to fully customize your choice of packaging to fit your marketing needs!

When it comes to specialized textures and finishes, flexible is so much more versatile than an old-fashioned cardboard solution. Glossy or matte finishes will differentiate your packaging from the competition by offering a design that’s more pleasing to the eyes.

Not only that, but you can customize a wide variety of colors and graphics to make your products catch the eyes of browsing customers. 

Consumers are drawn to vibrant and engaging designs, and, with our help, your packaging will stand out amongst the crowd and capture their attention!

What About The Environmental Impact?


Flexible packaging also brings sustainable benefits to the table when compared to more rigid options. Choosing packaging isn’t always easy. You want something that will last and can be reused to decrease environmental impact. 

There are packaging options out there that can meet various demands, but flexible packaging has considerable advantages. Not only does it reduce waste and energy use, but it also works to reduce emissions during production.

Flexible packaging also works hard to prevent food waste, great technology advances in film can provide superior barriers to make food and fresh products last a lot longer. Flexible packaging is easy to store, easy to microwave, and can be resealed as needed – this is a huge reason why so many consumers choose to buy products in flexible packaging!

Let our team help you create the best custom flexible packaging for your product and stand out in the sea of sameness on shelves.

Take your products to the next level with Plastic Packaging Technologies! Contact us today by filling out our contact form or calling (913) 287 3383.

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