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The items we buy on a daily basis come in a variety of packaging types. Some products come in folding cartons, while others are packaged in bottles, glass jars, or metal tins. These packaging solutions have primarily been used for decades. Custom stand-up pouches, like the candy packaging pictured above, are one of the most recent developments in flexible packaging design.

It offers a number of benefits for companies and customers alike. Despite the fact that these bags are widely used abroad, their popularity in the United States is just beginning to grow. Stand-up resealable packages are quickly becoming a popular choice for businesses looking for a new packaging solution that offers several advantages.

In this article, we will take a look at ten reasons why companies choose custom stand-up pouches and how PPT can help you take a new approach to product packaging.

10 Advantages of Plastic Packaging’s Custom Stand-Up Pouches

There are several reasons why companies are abandoning the more traditional packaging solutions in favor of custom stand-up pouches. As you will see, from production to purchase, manufacturers and consumers alike profit from custom stand-up pouches in every way.

Here are the top ten benefits of using a stand-up resealable pouch that customers love.

1. Flexible Printing

In the case of custom stand-up pouches, highly personalized printing is easier to obtain than in other packaging alternatives. Printing on metal tins is time-consuming, and the results may not be as good as on stand-up pouches. Other packaging methods have labeling concerns that do not arise in the case of custom stand-up pouches.

Flexographic printing for flexible packaging is the most versatile of all printing techniques. It can provide magnificent high-definition graphics for your custom stand-up pouch packaging. On a wide range of films, flexographic printing provides the most exact ink control and strong lay-down. When combined with this modern digital printing process, custom stand-up pouches may provide your product with the most eye-catching graphics on the market.

2. Overall Cost Reduction

If you want to save money on materials, switching to custom stand-up pouches and flexible packaging, in general, is a no-brainer.

For example, let’s say a custom stand-up pouch costs roughly 15 cents every run. This is less than half the cost of its closest competitor, the folded plastic carton, which costs around 35 cents per unit. Plastic jars are much more costly, costing between 45 and 50 cents each. The metal jar is the most expensive packaging choice, with per-piece prices ranging from 50 to 60 cents or possibly more.

Simply said, choosing unique custom stand-up pouches over a rigid option will exponentially increase your company’s profit margins.

3. Easy Transportation and Warehousing

Custom stand-up pouches also save money in the distribution process. With custom stand-up pouches, you can accommodate up to ten times the number of units in a single truck using fewer pallets. This allows you to store more of your product in less area, and moving it around takes less time and effort.

When compared to standard packaging meant to store the same volume of product, custom stand-up pouches are incredibly light. Because the cost of transportation is directly connected to the weight of the shipment, this is a major benefit for the producer. Flexible packaging solutions take up less space than standard packaging, allowing manufacturers to load more products into a shipping container than hard packaging would allow.

4. Extra Convenience

Thrive zip pouch Renewable 3D v3

Consumers crave convenience, and custom stand-up pouches offer priceless value to your brand. Protect your products with resealable closures for starters, and customers will have a better experience with your product. Custom stand-up pouches can also be made steamable, allowing customers to prepare their food products without having to take them out of the package.

Customers will notice that organizations choose bespoke stand-up pouch packaging because it demonstrates that they are paying attention to their needs and wants. It’s all about convenience these days. A company that insists on using old containers will be left far behind its competitors.

5. Increased Product Safety

Custom stand-up pouches also help keep food fresher for longer while also providing great barrier protection from the elements. Puncture-resistant films can protect your items during transportation. Additionally, specialty high-barrier films can give additional protection against moisture, pollutants, UV radiation, and other factors.

Additionally, pollution is a significant issue that is leading many consumers to opt for support environmentally friendly businesses. Plastic has several poisons and chemicals that contaminate water when it is placed in it. Having custom stand-up pouches made without plastic is a step in the right direction. It will have a significant impact on the environment and perceptions of your brand.

6. Improved Shelf Impact

Custom stand-up pouches stand out on the shelf thanks to their variety of shapes and sizes, as well as the outstanding graphic printing possibilities we mentioned earlier. The most significant advantage of custom stand-up pouches is the increase in space available to manufacturers.

Custom stand-up pouches give your goods the ability to compete in ways that rigid and more standard packaging containers cannot.

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7. Size Variations of Stand-up Pouches

Custom-printed stand-up pouches are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most consumers prefer the traditional pouch, which is a round-bottomed pouch that folds flat when empty. Plastic Packaging Technologies also offers roll stock, flat-bottom box pouches, sing-web quad bags, and pinch-bottom box pouches. If you want your product to stand out from your competitors, custom stand-up pouches are the way to go.

8. Material Variations


Custom stand-up pouches are often formed of a layered structure, with several layers providing varying levels of protection to the package. These characteristics include firmness for standing, clarity for optimizing the visual effect of the printing, and protective features for keeping the contents fresh.

With PPT, there are several options to choose from to help your product stay fresh. These features include: clipped k-seals, press-to-close zippers, slider closures, hook-to-hook closures, tear notches, and more. We can help you find the exact type and degree of protection required by your products to ensure they last as long as they were meant to last.

9. Better Sustainability

As previously mentioned, the packaging industry and an ever-increasing number of customers are all concerned about the environmental impact of packaging. Flexible packaging has shown to be the most environmentally friendly option. It requires fewer resources to manufacture and allows you to package the most product in the smallest amount of space. Flexible packaging also consumes fewer resources, emits fewer pollutants, and generates less trash than rigid packaging.

Flexible packaging solutions require fewer materials, less energy, and less water to manufacture, resulting in less volatile organic compounds. Additionally, their decreased weight and smaller dimensions save fuel emissions during transportation, in addition to cost benefits. All of this plays a critical role in decreasing our carbon footprint.

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10. Increased Branding on Stand-up Pouches

We’ve mentioned branding a few times in this article, but that’s because we cannot stress it enough. Custom stand-up pouches allow you to personalize your product packaging, allowing you to create a package that is eye-catching to your customers. At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we help design the perfect custom packaging solution that demonstrates what your product is and why customers should continue purchasing from you.

Stand-Up Pouches from Plastic Packaging Technologies

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that custom stand-up pouches are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re considering introducing custom stand-up pouches to your business, the advantages above should be more than enough to convince you to make the transition.

When considering switching up your company’s packaging, it’s critical to work with a provider who has years of experience in creating flexible solutions that are tailored to your product and brand. At PPT, we are dedicated to assisting our customers by producing the best quality product packaging solutions for their needs.

We are a leader in environmentally-friendly packaging. We specialize in high-quality and sophisticated technical knowledge to assist you in producing the best packaging solution for your company’s needs. With a high level of top-quality packaging solutions and state-of-the-art machinery, PPT provides a wide selection of sustainable and creative packaging solutions.

To learn more about how Plastic Packaging Technologies can help your company take a new approach to product packaging, email or call us at (913) 287-3383.

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