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Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, a time to surround yourself with the people you love, and a time to acknowledge the importance of food packaging.

Wait, what?

Let’s face it. Thanksgiving is a time for people to stuff their faces with delicious food. However, without quality food packaging, we wouldn’t have any food to stuff our faces with. Let’s take a moment to acknowledge the importance of food packaging and be thankful for the crucial role packaging plays in bringing food from the farm to your customers’ dinner tables.

3 Reasons Food Packaging Is Important

  • Packaging keeps food safe from contamination
  • Packaging keeps food products fresh
  • Packaging helps prevent product tampering

Packaging Keeps Food Safe from Contamination

Pollutants and germs like to contaminate food products. Food that is shipped or stored for an extended period of time is especially susceptible to contamination. Food packaging protects its contents from contamination, ensuring that it’s safe to eat once it reaches your kitchen.

The journey to the supermarket is a dangerous one. Even if you securely seal your food product and protect it from contaminants, physical damage could jeopardize its integrity. Your food’s packaging needs to be substantial enough to protect it from the hardships associated with shipping and transportation.

Packaging Keeps Food Products Fresh

Nobody wants spoiled, nasty food for Thanksgiving (or at any time for that matter).

Quality packaging extends the shelf life of food and beverage products significantly. Poor and ineffective packaging reduces your product’s shelf life, leading to various health and safety issues for consumers. If you want your customers to receive the highest-quality food items, you must only use the highest quality food packaging. No exceptions!

Packaging Helps Prevent Product Tampering

You can’t completely eliminate the possibility of someone tampering with one of your food products while it is sitting on store shelves (yes, this does happen, and ignoring it would be unwise). However, you can design your packaging to warn consumers if somebody tampers with the food inside.

For example, if somebody can access your product by simply twisting the lid off a container and replacing it, that simply doesn’t cut it. You have to include some kind of security feature to warn the consumer that buys the product that somebody tampered with it. Think of the thin plastic band you have to remove from a milk jug lid before opening it or the additional coverings found on ketchup and mustard bottles.

If a consumer buys one of these products, they will notice that the security feature is missing and realize that someone opened the packaging prematurely. You should also include a written warning on your packaging that advises people to return or discard the product if it is open.

6 Benefits of Flexible Food Packaging

Flexible packaging is becoming one of the most popular packaging options for food products. Flexible packaging provides several benefits to both you and your consumers, including the following.

  • Flexible packaging is endlessly customizable
  • Flexible packaging improves product shelf life considerably
  • Flexible packaging is an eco-friendly option
  • Flexible packaging improves the customer’s experience
  • Flexible packaging is easy on the old wallet
  • Flexible packaging enhances your marketing efforts

Flexible Packaging Is Endlessly Customizable

Flexible packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, from rollstock to stand-up pouches, so it’s easy to find a solution that caters to your product. The only thing limiting your flexible packaging’s visual design is your imagination, thanks to advancements in printing technology and graphic design. You can design your packaging any way you want, and we guarantee your customers won’t be able to resist taking your product off the shelf.

Flexible Packaging Improves Product Shelf Life Considerably

Flexible packaging is more durable than several other alternatives, and it protects your food items from contaminants like germs, bacteria, sunlight, and oxygen. Flexible packaging is your best bet if you want to maximize your product’s shelf life and protect it from physical damage during transportation.

Flexible Packaging Is an Eco-Friendly Option

Flexible packaging does not require much in the way of natural resources, and therefore, it emits fewer greenhouse gases during production. Pollution, sustainability, and the three Rs are touchy subjects for a lot of people; many consumers will avoid buying your products if they know that you do not take measures to protect the environment. Flexible packaging can help you get on consumers’ good sides. Your brand image and reputation are just as important as your product quality!

Flexible Packaging Improves the Customer’s Experience

People love convenience. We hate when we buy a product from the store, and we’re so excited to open it when we get home… but then, we have to spend what feels like half an hour trying to get it open. Not to mention, sometimes the product isn’t up to snuff, so we try to return it, but we can’t because we ruined the packaging trying to open it.

Did we strike a chord? You’ve probably had a similar experience before.

We beg you, don’t do that to your consumers! Your customers should enjoy the buying experience from beginning to end, whether it’s food or a beauty product. Our flexible packaging solutions feature dozens of optional features that make your product more convenient for your target market. A resealable closure goes a long way, people.

Flexible Packaging Is Easy on the Old Wallet

Flexible packaging production requires fewer materials than traditional rigid packaging production, making it less expensive to produce. Plus, flexible packaging’s lightweight nature reduces shipping costs. It’s time to be thankful, indeed!

Flexible Packaging Enhances Your Marketing Efforts

Many people claim that packaging is a silent salesperson. Effective and purposeful product packaging can sell like you wouldn’t believe, all without saying a single word. Well, if packaging as a whole is a salesperson, then flexible packaging is like that one salesperson who receives an absurd amount of bonuses when the holidays roll around.

Our flexible packaging solutions are incredibly versatile, capable of sporting stunning high-definition graphics thanks to advanced printing technology and techniques. You can create a product that people can’t resist taking off the shelf, no matter your target audience.

Don’t Neglect Your Food Packaging!

The team here at PPT takes your customers’ health and safety seriously. We use state-of-the-art equipment technology and high-quality packaging materials to provide our customers with purposeful, durable, and, most importantly, safe flexible packaging that you can customize to your heart’s content. We’re very excited to create a packaging solution that will appeal to your target market and increase your sales.

Are you ready to upgrade your food packaging?

Email us or give us a call at (913) 287-3383, and let’s get started today. We hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving and a happy holiday!

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