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Manufacturers are constantly looking for methods to improve their products, differentiate themselves from the competition, and attract new customers. As flexible packaging continues to grow in popularity across all industries, more businesses are opting for printed rollstock packaging solutions for their products.

Rollstock packaging is not only becoming one of the most popular choices for businesses, but it is also quickly becoming the preferred choice of consumers. Below, we’ll take a look at several reasons why you should invest in printed rollstock packaging solutions and how your business can benefit from partnering with Plastic Packaging Technologies for all of your packaging needs.

8 Reasons to Invest in Printed Rollstock Packaging Solutions

As consumer products producers realize the tremendous benefits that printed rollstock packaging provides, the usage of this flexible packaging option is expanding across practically every industry. Do you still have questions about how your products can benefit from rollstock packaging solutions?

Here are eight concrete reasons why investing in rollstock packaging solutions with PPT can benefit your business:

  • It can reduce production costs.
  • You can customize your packaging.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It encourages reusability and customer convenience.
  • There are shipping and handling benefits.
  • It has a longer shelf life.
  • There is better shelf appeal. 
  • It allows for innovative marketing. 

It Can Reduce Production Costs

Making the switch to rollstock packaging can substantially cut production costs for business owners.

Traditional packaging generates literal tons of trash and consumes a surplus of energy throughout the manufacturing process. Rollstock packaging uses fewer materials in its production, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions so it’s a lesser cost for both yourself and the environment. Because the rollstock can be adjusted to meet the precise size of your product, manufacturing facilities will not need to use any additional materials beyond what is required.

You Can Customize Your Packaging

Rollstock packaging allows business owners to customize their products in ways that standard packaging does not. Because the materials used to make flexible packaging are flexible, they can be designed into any shape or size to fit your product, brand and visual needs.

With its versatility, rollstock packaging lends itself to customized solutions. Product owners can select from several effects such as whether the pouch stands or lays, resides on a shelf or hangs, and so on. These materials can also be printed with high-quality colors and logos, resulting in recognized and likable packaging that allows your product to stand out from the competitors.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

With the popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly products growing, it is increasingly crucial for businesses to convert to packaging materials that satisfy these standards. Consumers are more likely to be drawn to products that lessen their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Rollstock packaging consumes less material, water and energy to produce. In addition to these advantages, it emits fewer greenhouse gasses during transit than traditional packaging due to the lightweight materials. Transitioning your business to a sustainable packaging approach is profitable and significantly reduces the quantity of consumer waste going to landfills.

It Encourages Reusability and Customer Convenience

When you look into rollstock packaging, you find numerous options to choose from such as closures and barrier properties that can help make your packaging and products last longer.  Consumers benefit from these features because they can reseal the packaging each time, motivating them to reuse your packaging and buy your product again.

Due to the pliable nature of the material, rollstock packaging is more comfortable for the consumer to handle throughout their shopping journey and takes up less space in closets and pantries. Consumers are drawn to a seamless, beneficial experience, and rollstock packaging cultivates that experience by driving greater sales for your company.

There Are Shipping and Handling Benefits

Delivering your product to stores and consumers can be an expensive and often unsettling investment. As a result, shipping and handling costs are an area that many organizations aim to cut.

Luckily, because rollstock packaging is lightweight, the number of truckloads necessary to ship decreases as larger volumes of your product can fit into fewer places. When compared to rigid packaging, flexible packaging can be up to 70% lighter when shipping, allowing you to transport more of your product at once and earn a better profit for your company.

Rollstock packaging can also extend the shelf life of perishable products by protecting them from external variables such as temperature and moisture, plus they are less likely to be damaged during the transportation process.

It Has a Longer Shelf Life

Many rollstock packaging solutions have an additional layer that protects your products from components such as moisture, fumes and dust. This layer, which is usually found on the interior of the packaging, ensures that your product retains its quality for the duration of its shelf life.

With rollstock packaging, customers will enjoy a fresh product for a more extended shelf-life. This feature also benefits the environment by lowering the amount of food waste in landfills.

There Is Better Shelf Appeal

Rollstock packaging’s versatility and customization capabilities allow you to build a final product that will appeal to the consumer on the shelf. With rollstock packaging, distinct and eye-catching designs can be generated to improve how consumers view your product/brand and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

It Allows for Innovative Marketing

Now that packaging is recognized as a significant component of marketing, one of the goals of packaging designers is to create unique new packaging solutions that draw in the eyes of the consumers.

As a result, rollstock packaging is gaining popularity due to the increased emphasis on innovation and new marketing techniques. Because rollstock packaging design is accessible and open to limitless possibilities, it is a versatile resource for developing innovative new packaging at any moment.

Choose Plastic Packaging Technologies for Your Rollstock Packaging Needs

Flexible packaging is emerging as a way for businesses to differentiate themselves and open the door to many other areas of possibility. As you can see, rollstock packaging provides numerous benefits that traditional, rigid packaging does not and is an excellent choice for businesses looking to highlight their product and brand in a new, sustainable and creative way.

At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality packaging solutions that both business owners and consumers can rely on. As a national leader in rollstock packaging solutions, we use state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and technology to provide a wide selection of creative packaging solutions that give your products the powerful shelf presence they deserve.

To learn more about how our printed rollstock packaging solutions can help your business take the next step toward success, contact Plastic Packaging Technologies today to find out how we can help you design the rollstock solution of your brand’s dreams.

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