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Sustainable Custom Coffee Packaging For Your Business

Coffee is a beloved drink by millions of us daily, but do we ever stop to think about how environmentally friendly the coffee bags are? The coffee industry is huge, and many companies have yet to join the green revolution.

Coffee bag design can be made sustainable easily and effectively with PPT. It means that your coffee packaging is ‘guilt-free’ and you are meeting the demands of the industry and the consumers. It is mainly consumers who demand modern and recyclable solutions.

The aluminum packaging of the supermarket’s coffee beans are not environmentally friendly, therefore custom coffee bags are the best way forward. Coffee bags for wholesale can be made of recyclable materials. This means they won’t end up in landfills. Plastic and non-recyclable products also often end up being dumped in the ocean.

Coffee Beans

Did you know that according to PerfectDailyGrind, “packaging accounts for around 3% of the coffee supply chain’s total carbon footprint?” Ethically sourced packaging is important for brands. They should be aware of their carbon footprint and make wise decisions. Thankfully, PPT provides you with plenty of options.

As an experienced partner of renowned manufacturers around the world, PPT offers effective ready-to-use solutions for coffee packaging. Many companies are under the preconceived notion that sustainable means boring. Sustainable does not have to be bland.

In fact our designs are complete with crisp vivid graphics with digital printing. We align with your brand’s style and we offer promising alternative solutions to coffee packaging. We provide bags for wholesale and coffee shops. Our bags and pouches help improve shelf life and preserve the richness of the coffee bean.

Preserving your coffee is vital. When you are educated on sustainable packaging, you can appreciate that they do more than just save the planet. They can cut costs and also better preserve your coffee. They will help keep your customers happy.

We can enhance your brand identity by creating eco-friendly packaging. We also offer a fast turnaround time. Our team of skilled workers are eager and available to assist you.

The Style of Bag

Whether you want a side gusset bag, tin tie, quad seal or degassing valves, the options are endless. Many styles of bags are suited to different needs. Each brand may have a specific style that they prefer. Depending on the type of coffee and the consumer.

Some common types of design that we offer are:

Side Gusseted Bags

Side gusseted bags are reclosable which makes storing even easier. Degassing valves and micro-perforations enable gas permeation and help maintain the rate of respiration. This improves shelf life. We offer minimalistic design also.

Stand-Up Pouch

A stand up pouch is popular as they are lightweight and simple. They can be stored simply and it is easy to get the product out.

Tin Tie Bag

A tin tie bag boasts a tight reclosable feature. This ensures the purity of the product inside is kept intact.

We have plenty of styles available. Many brands fail to see the importance of eco-friendly products, but the benefits are huge.

Not all brands offer the same flexibility in the design of bags. Your coffee branding ultimately reflects on how consumers view you. The packaging designs are what customers first see, and when good design is combined with sustainable factors, you have a winning formula.

We offer custom bag designs, gusseted bags and custom printed bags, which allow you to place your logo and desired design. There is no minimum order, we want you to purchase what you need and as much as you need. Give PPT a call so we can help give your consumers peace of mind time after time.

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