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Custom-Printed Rollstock for Fast and Efficient Packaging

From pet treats to coffee to snack food, rollstock is one of the most efficient packaging solutions. It enables fast production, superior graphics, and aseptic processing. Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) produces extremely durable rollstock packaging that makes for a powerful shelf presence.

Powerful and Purposeful Packaging

PPT rollstock boasts superior durability. It is strong enough to withstand external stress factors and protect contents—especially if they’re moisture, oxygen, or light-sensitive. This makes it the right choice for a wide variety of products.

Excellent Graphics. We handle all printing in-house. Our machinery can print extremely vivid colors and sharp images with perfect alignment, ensuring every mark will be in its proper place.



  • Efficient for vertical and horizontal filling equipment
  • Unique features to drive performance
  • Barrier Materials to provide product protection




Your customers will appreciate the easy and clean opening for your product. Our rollstock films allow for laser scoring and the creation of precise tear notches. They can also come with micro-perforations, which enable you to aerate products or showcase your product’s fragrance.



Your customers will value your packaging for its INNO-LOK Zipper. We can incorporate the INNO-LOK Zipper into your rollstock, so you won’t have to turn to another vendor. This simple addition makes a world of difference in the impact of your packaging.

The PPT Difference

PPT takes the effectiveness of rollstock packaging one step further by offering eco-friendly products.
Sustainable Packaging Options
Choose eco-friendly materials that increase the value of your packaging. Target eco-conscious consumers and move closer to your sustainability and recycling goals. Get in touch with us if you are interested in recyclable rollstock film to reduce your carbon footprint.
Quick Turnaround
PPT has the production capacity to achieve quick turnarounds for custom-printed rollstock. No delays in production on your end; meet your production deadlines and fulfill all delivery requirements on time.
Fit for Your Facilities
PPT provides solutions that meet your packaging machine’s requirements. We consider the unwinding direction, inner core size, coefficient of friction, sealing temperature, packing speed, and more.

Other Products

Let’s build purposeful, powerful packaging that puts your product ahead of your competition.
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