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Sustainable Flexible Packaging Solutions

Increase the value of your packaging by switching to eco-friendly packaging solutions. Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) offers a wide range of materials that maintain quality while minimizing their impact on nature. Enjoy the same vivid graphics and quick turnaround, but with a better environmental impact.
Thrive Zip Pouch - All PE
Improve Your Brand Image.

Make a sustainable impression on your target market by switching to more eco-friendly packaging. A vast majority of customers feel positive about brands that use sustainable packaging. Work with our graphic design team to place the right eco-labels on your products.

Expand Your Customer Base

Going green attracts customers who are conscious about their carbon footprint. On the shelf, your product becomes the better option because of your sustainable, eco-friendly flexible packaging.

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Thrive zip pouch Renewable 3D v3
Thrive zip pouch Post Consumer 3D

Thrive is our platform for a variety of award-winning, Sustainable Flexible Packaging solutions.

We are dedicated to supporting your Sustainability mission and offer a toolbox of flexible packaging alternatives that brand-owners and consumers can feel good about.


Every year, more consumers are choosing brands that do their part in protecting the environment. In comparison with rigid packaging materials, flexibles use only a small amount of material, reduce product and transportation costs, save on warehouse space, and increase the quantity of product that can be shipped on a per-truck basis.

PPT joins you in your bid toward green production. We present Thrive™ — a line of packaging solutions that preserve the valuable features of Purposeful, Powerful Packaging. It’s available in both All PE (recyclable through In-Store Drop-Off Program) and with Post-Consumer Recycled Content.

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Formats for both include:

Rollstock – Laminated films with a large printable surface
Pinch-Bottom Pouches – Bags with a stable bottom and a wide array of top sealing options
Large Lay-Down Bags – Bags that lay down flat to maximize shelf space
Stand-Up Pouches – Pouches designed to stand upright. Extremely convenient to handle and transport.
Box Pouch – Pouches with a box-like bottom that stands on its own
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Our flexible packaging also boasts the following features:

  • Lightweight – Flexible packaging materials are lighter than conventional rigid, glass, and metal packages, which allows for reduced warehouse space, lower transportation costs, and less waste.
  • Barrier Protection – Our sustainable solutions come in varying degrees of barrier properties, so you can select the best solution for your needs.
  • Diverse Selection – Our packaging comes in a wide variety of formats and shapes. It can also come with various features, like handy open and close features and fitments, for added convenience.
  • Complete Packaging Solution – We offer complete solutions for branding and more eco-friendly product protection.

Our Sustainability Initiatives:

PPT has a solid body of sustainability policies, which we apply in our processes and procedures. Apart from providing packaging, we, too, uphold environmentally safe practices in our facilities.

We focus on:

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Product Packaging Innovation, Raw Materials, and Vendor Selection

    • Our product development team creates lightweight packages to replace heavy and rigid options, thereby using fewer resources.
    • We strive to reduce the gauge of films (while preserving product protection and barrier features) to generate less waste.
    • Our supply chain is made up of vendors and suppliers that also uphold sustainability.
    • We conduct continuous research on eco-friendly alternatives and practices.

Enhanced Process & Product Technology

    • We invest in equipment that generates low volumes of scrap and maximizes raw materials.
    • Our facilities employ:
      • The Anilox Cleaning System, which allows for more efficient recycling
      • X-Rite Technology, which reduces ink and solvent wastes
      • An Ink Dispensing System that further minimizes ink waste
      • An Ink Cleaning System that further decreases solvent waste
      • A “Work-Off Ink” initiative that further reduces ink waste
    • We utilize a Trim Removal System, which consolidates waste for recycling.

Waste Stream Reduction

Our packaging company’s main sustainability goal is “Zero-Landfill” — the waste we generate should be reusable or recyclable. We achieve this using a two-pronged strategy:

  • Maximum Recycling – We recycle everything we can, including inks, oils, batteries, corrugated paper, and even 55-gallon drums.
  • Alternative Solid Waste Program – We incinerate other types of waste for energy creation.
Let’s discuss sustainable solutions for your products. Schedule a call today.