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Pet Supply and Pet Care Packaging Trends

Packaging is a brand’s best friend—and it’s not just the pets packaging market saying so. Whether a product has been purchased online or in-store, the packaging is the first thing the customer sees, and it often leaves them with a lasting impression.

Here are some pet supply trends that are here to stay!

  • Pet cosmetic packaging suppliers will continue to use dynamic packaging with images of pets as an integral part of the packaging. Therefore, it’s crucial that face stock is ideal for printing photos and other imagery.
  • The pet supply industry will require product information to be easily visible on the packaging, and brands will want to ensure that their finishes support text clarity.
  • Partnering with the proper pet packaging manufacturer is essential to ensure that your pet treats, toys and supplements stand out on the shelf.

Whether you’re looking for pet toy packaging or pet cosmetic packaging supplies, Plastic Packaging Technologies is here to help!

Pet Health Care Packaging

Prescription drugs for domesticated animals like dogs, cats or farm animals, like horses and cattle, still must be packaged for shipping and distribution like pharmaceutical medications for humans. In some ways, pet care packaging has even more challenges because this industry encompasses so many different types of animals.

Many animal health products are chewable and need to remain fresh. The most significant impact on freshness is maintaining package integrity. Even the tiniest pinhole in the packaging can lead to product degradation from exposure to air and moisture. Implementing leak inspection systems into the packaging operations ensures only good packages make it to the customer.

Pet Toy Packaging

Toys are fun and entertaining, and the packaging should be, too! Show off your product’s personality with a professional designer’s custom toy packaging designed just for your brand. Innovative product and packing development is the key to taking advantage of the growing pet market. The packaging will also be made with recycled, fashionable and functional materials.

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