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Our Sustainable Practices

PPT has a solid body of sustainability policies, which we apply to our processes and procedures. In addition to providing sustainable packaging, we uphold environmentally safe practices in our facilities.

PSC Accredited since 1990

3-Prong Sustainability Focus

Raw Materials & Vendor Selection

  • We strive to reduce the gauge of films to generate less waste while still preserving product barrier features.
  • We choose vendors and suppliers that also uphold sustainability.
  • We conduct continuous research on eco-friendly alternatives and practices.

Enhanced Processes & Product Technology

  • We invest in equipment that generates low volumes of scrap and maximizes raw materials.
  • Our facilities employ several systems designed to minimize waste and allow for more efficient recycling.

Waste Stream Reduction

  • We recycle everything we can, including inks, oils, batteries, corrugated paper, and even 55-gallon drums.
  • Any other type of waste is incinerated for energy creation.
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