Plastic Packaging Technologies, LLC

Pet Product Packaging That Conveys a Crystal-Clear Message

Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) crafts packaging solutions that incorporate all the relevant information about your product. On top of that, your package will carry bright, attractive designs that appeal to today’s pet owners. That is why PPT is one of the premier pet food packaging manufacturers in the USA.

Solutions That Impress the Modern Pet Owner

Petcare Packaging

PPT manufactures packaging for a wide array of pet care needs, including pet food and treats. Our solutions combine excellent product protection, superior graphics, and sanitary features.

Superior Graphics – From appealing pet images to logos, your product will have crisp and vivid graphics that attract attention. PPT has the capability to print all your graphics needs in house.

Sanitary Production – We offer products that meet your sanitary requirements, especially if you’re producing pet food.



Laser Scoring

Make your product user-friendly through laser scoring. Pet-owners will appreciate a no-fuss, easy-to-open package.


Tear Notches

Improve your product’s functionality by creating tear notches. Pet-owners will prefer a quick, one-tear open for small pet treats.



Provides a means for air evacuation to increase product filling rates and efficiency while not compromising product integrity.


INNO-LOK Zippers

A staple pet food product feature, INNO-LOK Zippers make storing more convenient. It also allows easy access to the product, while keeping it fresh and ready for consumption.

Intelligent Packaging for Pet Care Needs

PPT supports your pet supply production by providing high-quality products, on time, and at competitive prices.

Quick Turnaround. We have the capacity to meet tight deadlines, even with a large volume of orders.

Efficient Production. We’re well-versed in the production process of pet supply manufacturers. We align our packaging production and deliveries with your existing system.

Diverse Selection. Our packaging comes in different formats and shapes, so you can choose one that’s best for your products. Our flexible packaging options are sure to meet your unique needs.

Eco-Friendly Options. Choose more sustainable pet food packaging that supports your sustainability goals and helps the environment.

Create packaging that wins modern pet owners over. Schedule a consultation today with Plastic Packaging Technologies, a leading pet food packaging company.