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Research by Richard Allington, and many other education professionals, show that when students do not read over the summer break, they lose valuable reading skills.  The Kansas City, Kansas school district organized a summer book drive in order to help stop this “reading slide” and help students to become successful readers.

To show their support in this initiative, a number of local companies helped to fund and donate items for the book drive, raising approximately $50,000.  PPT donated approximately 9,000 bags in order for books to be gathered and easily distributed to KCK students.  Funding allowed all of the KCK 2nd through 5th grade students to be provided with 8 books they wanted to read over the summer. In addition, many of the schools were able to provide Kindergarten and 1st grade students with 3-5 books to take home.

Some feedback from the KCK staff and children:

From Staff:  

“These bags are wonderful!  The handle makes it easy for the children to carry their books home!  And they are sturdy.  The books do not rip holes in them.”

“So glad we have bags with the handle, all the books would not have fit in the kids backpacks!”

From Children:

“Wow!  These are all mine?  I get to keep them forever?”

“This is the book I wanted!”

“I got all the ones I asked for!”

“I get to take them home and KEEP THEM! They are all mine!”

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