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With more businesses recognizing their carbon footprint in their manufacturing processes, many are opting for ways to increase their sustainability and reduce their environmental impact. Packaging solutions often require unnecessary plastic, but there are different ways to incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your business today. 

Flexible packaging is an environmentally friendly solution for many reasons. Plastic Packaging Technologies creates flexible packaging solutions that are customizable to your business’s needs. Read this blog to learn the five main ways our flexible packaging solutions can make your business more sustainable. 

Flexible Packaging Has a More Sustainable Transportation Process

Since flexible packaging is usually thinner and light-weight, it can be transported in much larger numbers without the need for taking up a lot of space. There can be great amounts of flexible packaging transported on just one truck, rather than needing an entire fleet. 

One of the most noticeable advantages of this is the lowered CO2 emissions your business will be making. A carbon footprint is an important indicator of a company’s environmental efforts. Limiting your impact on emissions helps your company become more sustainable and garners a better reputation for your brand.

There Is Room For More Product

Flexible packaging typically holds more product than other packaging methods like shipping boxes. It can be more cost-effective, as less of the product weight is taken up by packaging alone. This benefits both you and the consumer, as less energy is taken in the packaging process and by giving the consumer more product and not having to charge for traditional packaging methods.

Flexible Packaging Requires Less Energy to Produce

More products than ever before have found their way into flexible packaging. Because this packaging, like our rollstock, can often be resealable, it is ideal for items like coffee, pet foods, cleaning supplies, and other various types of food items. This freshness means items that once lived in tubs or hard plastic are finding their way into flexible packaging, making a dramatic difference in energy to produce. 

Flexible packaging is sustainable because it requires less water and fossil fuels to produce than its traditional counterparts. For example, cat litter that is in a hard-plastic jug with a lid uses 1,605 percent more water to produce compared to a stand-up pouch that can be made with flexible plastic. 

Increased Shelf Life for Products

Flexible packaging often incorporates resealable features that support product freshness. When products have a longer shelf life, consumers do not have to replace them as rapidly. The disposal of products increases waste buildup in landfills. Even if a product is biodegradable, this process can take months or even years and is not as fast as the rate at which items are disposed of.

Extended shelf life means that consumers can enjoy your products for as long as possible and encourage them to purchase your product again, ultimately benefiting a positive relationship between consumers and your brand. 

Our Packaging Solutions Can Resonate With Your Consumer

Every day, consumers are flooded with advertisements and products fighting for their attention. Because of this, consumers are more likely to be selective about the products they choose. Sustainable packaging can be an incredible benefit that your business can offer, not only for its environmental benefit but also for how it makes your consumer feel about the product. 

Eco-friendly packaging can make consumers feel good about choosing your product against a competitor. While a product’s quality matters, product packaging is equally important. There are a variety of different eco-friendly packaging options to choose from, from entirely recyclable packaging to packaging made of recycled materials.

PPT’s Sustainability Efforts in our Packaging Solutions

Plastic Packaging Technologies aims to provide ways for your business to be as eco-friendly as possible through our various sustainable packaging options. Our THRIVE™ packaging platform allows a sustainable alternative for flexible packaging made out of recycled plastics, renewable materials, and completely recyclable packages after use. 

THRIVE™ packaging allows for different packaging formats, such as

  • Rollstock: Laminated films with a large printable surface.
  • Pinch-bottom Pouches: Bags with a stable bottom and a wide array of top-sealing options.
  • Large Lay-Down Bags: Bags that lay down flat to maximize shelf space.
  • Stand-up pouches: Pouches designed to stand upright. They are extremely convenient to handle and transport.
  • Box pouch: Pouches with a box-like bottom that stands on its own.

PPT also makes an effort to reduce excess materials, ink waste, and solvent waste in our production processes. Beyond creating sustainable packaging alternatives, we maximize our recycling efforts and look for ways to turn non-recyclable materials into energy through incineration. We have ongoing research to figure out how we can provide eco-friendly resources to our clients and incorporate these resources into our daily practice. 

Contact PPT For Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We take pride in our ability to offer various sustainable packaging solutions. Not only can you offer your consumers better quality products with an extended shelf life, but you can take pride in environmentally conscious packaging. Our packaging solutions can help with production and transportation costs. If you are looking for ways our packaging solutions can make your business more sustainable, contact us today.

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