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rollstock packaging solutions

Rollstock packaging is one of the best food packaging solutions available, but what if it could be made even better?

Inno-lok® does just that and is perfect for a wide range of products, including various food products, which will be mentioned later in this blog. When Inno-lok® is combined with rollstock packaging, products stay fresher, have a longer shelf-life, and production remains efficient and affordable.

What Is Rollstock Packaging?

To understand Inno-lok® technologies, we should start by discussing rollstock packaging. Rollstock is a flexible film with many benefits for various products. It is customizable, faster to produce, and has a lower environmental impact. Our rollstock solutions are great for various products, especially food products. 

Rollstock packaging is made of laminated film in one long, continuous sheet with a strong central cardboard core that is used in packaging equipment to shape and create customized packaging solutions. To make the roll, the laminated film is wound around a cylindrical cardboard base and is commonly used with form, fill and seal machines (FFS) that create the shape of the packaging, fill it with the product, and seal the packaging.

Rollstock offers complete coverage with airtight and moisture-tight sealing and can easily be printed with text and graphics for your brand, ingredients, and other labeling and branding information. Rollstock is also available in various colors and thicknesses to meet your brand’s specific requirements.

What Is Inno-Lok®? 

Inno-Lok® is a pre-zippered film that aids in the production of resealable packages, like rollstock. Inno-Lok® is designed to be used for either normal or resealable packaging without the need for extra materials, meanwhile saving time and maintaining product speeds. 

Inno-Lok® zippers are flexible in sizing and can be however short or long as you need. These zippers will work on small packages, like confectionaries, and larger packages, like pet food bags.

If your brand relies on rollstock packaging already or is considering incorporating it for your products, Inno-Lok® is perfect for your company. Your product could benefit from our rollstock packaging solutions

How Can Inno-Lok® Enhance Rollstock Packaging?

Inno-Lok® zippers can enhance rollstock packaging in various ways. For starters, Inno-Lok® provides the opportunity for barrier and non-barrier packaging. This means it can provide extra defense against moisture if you need the barrier, but the non-barrier option is a perfect solution for items that need ventilation. 

Not only are products protected against the elements, but Inno-Lok® technology also remains cost-effective and still maintains the lessened environmental impact that is boasted by rollstock packaging. 

What Products Can Benefit from Inno-Lok®?

There are plenty of products that could benefit from Inno-Lok® technologies, especially food! Inno-Lok® is perfect for the following products.

  • Deli meats
  • Rice
  • Crackers
  • Baking mixes/products
  • Seafood
  • Frozen fruit
  • Pet food 
  • Cheese
  • Coffee
  • Candy

While rollstock packaging already helps provide fresh, resealable options for these items, more companies can opt toward using rollstock because Inno-lok® technologies help make production more efficient, accessible, and affordable. 

How Does This Change Production?

In order to use Inno-Lok® zippers, there are only small modifications that need to be made to your form, fill, and seal (FFS) machine to incorporate into the packaging process. The long-term effects on production are positive. In fact, incorporating Inno-Lok® technologies can lead to 25% material savings. 

One of the best things about Inno-lok® is that you don’t have to worry about redesigning the way you package your products, as Inno-Lok® pre-zipper systems can be integrated into your current packaging process within four weeks.

Opting to use Inno-Lok® technologies can not only save your company materials and costs but also helps your product appeal to consumers. By guaranteeing better quality for your product, your company will reap the benefits of this technology. 

How Much Will Inno-Lok® Cost?

It depends. Different factors will affect the cost of packaging your product in Inno-Lok® pre-zippered film, including the following.

  • Barriers
  • Package or zipper size
  • Film structure and thickness
  • Type of zipper


Although it is a small difference, choosing whether or not you will have a barrier on your packaging will affect the cost, as there is a slight difference in the amount of material required to create the barrier. With that being said, barriers are an excellent option for certain products, but they are not always necessary. 

Package or Zipper Size

The cost of production will depend on how large of a package is necessary for your product and how long the zipper will need to be. 

Film Structure and Thickness

Some products require more rigid packaging than others, including a thicker product film. If more plastic is needed, this can impact the cost of Inno-Lok®.

Type of Zipper

A final factor that can impact the cost of Inno-Lok® is whether or not the package will use an E-Z Tab or Bag Top zipper. These zipper structures can require more plastic, depending on the product. 

PPT Can Help You with Your Rollstock Packaging Needs!

PPT can provide the highest quality rollstock packaging solutions for your business. Our packaging solutions are ideal for pet food, food products, household products, and more. Don’t hesitate to put your product in the best packaging possible!

Aside from rollstock packaging solutions and the Inno-lok® pre-zippered features, we offer a variety of other packaging solutions that can be completely customized to fit your company’s needs.

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