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So, you have created a product that you are passionate about, as well as a brand story that speaks to who you and your customers are, but you’re not quite sure what direction to go in when it comes to packaging.

 It is a huge decision and with so many different forms of packaging out there, it can be hard to decide what will stand out on the shelves and encourage shoppers to grab your product over the competition. 

Many companies across different food markets are moving away from rigid packaging and towards flexible packaging options like Stand-up Pouches, Flat-Bottom Box Pouches, Pinch-Bottom Box Pouches, Single-Web Quad Bags and 3-Side Seal Pouches! The move makes sense when you consider the benefits of flexible packaging. 

The benefits of flexible packaging extend further than just the satisfying rip of an easy to open pouch and extending shelf life. It is considered more sustainable and emits fewer greenhouse gases than other options. For example, flexible pouches made of materials such as low-density polyethylene are also much more durable than say paper or cardboard and so consumers get more use out of them.

Okay, we have nerded out on the benefits of flexible packaging solutions long enough! Let’s get to what you came here for – flexible food packaging ideas for your target market. 

Target Market: Parents with Young Kids

When it comes to marketing products that are intended for kiddos, branding and packaging can be just as important as the product inside. A package that is designed with a child in mind needs to be accessible so that it is not difficult for them to dig in and enjoy their favorite snack or candy.

Easy Access and Functionality

Adding features to your packaging such as a slider closure or Inno-Lok Zipper enables convenient opening and closing. This keeps those yummy snacks from getting stale until they are ready to be enjoyed later.

When you are looking into different types of packaging for fresh or frozen food that is geared towards a younger crowd, consider going for stand up pouches. These reduce the chances of spilling and making a mess and parents will definitely thank you for that!

Fun Textures and Bright Design

It is no secret that kids love vibrant colors and playful designs – and busy parents love being able to spot specific snacks and meals quickly. It is also a good idea to add a picture of the actual product to your packaging so that parents know what they are getting right away.

Add a little something extra with matte, gloss and metallic finishes. Packaging that houses snacks and food for kiddos is often just glossy or matte so adding a little extra texture will be a fun and unique touch that stands out on store shelves.

Target Market: The Health-Conscious Crowd

Packaging is a great way to quickly tell customers what your product and brand is all about. If your target market includes the cool and health-conscious, there is a lot you can do to create packaging that speaks to them specifically. 

Make it Resealable and Keep Food Fresh

The thing about health-conscious people is that they are always watching what they eat and how much they eat. Rarely will they sit down and enjoy an entire bag of even the healthiest of snack. So, if your product contains multiple servings, we suggest making the packaging resealable with Press-to-Close Zippers, Hook-to-Hook Closures, Slider Closures, or Inno-Lok Zippers.

If your product is specifically for pre- or post-workout, we highly recommend spouts and fitments so the product can be easily opened and consumed with a squeeze of the pouch. 

As you know, the healthy crowd is not into things like heavy preservatives and want what they buy to be as natural as possible. If your product has these attributes, you know it can be difficult to keep that delicious food fresh.

Combining resealable features with rollstock and high barrier laminations helps protect the product from moisture, oxygen, or light so that it is delicious every time the customer goes back for a bite.

Design with Health in Mind

Choosing a natural or calming color scheme with a matte finish speaks to this group when it comes to casual snacks. You can also highlight the product with see-through windows and realistic graphics so they know exactly what they are getting.

If your product is for people who are passionate about working out, go for a more sporty, rugged look. We also suggest choosing a matte texture for your packaging as it won’t get slippery when your customers need to refuel after a high-intensity workout.

Target Market: Young Professionals and Millennials 

Millennial customers and the young professional crowd appreciate simplicity. They were bombarded with loud crazy ads for food products when they were kids and are quite frankly, over it. They just want a product that they know tastes good, is convenient and has a clean, minimal design. 

Make it Quick and Convenient 

Simplicity doesn’t have to stop at the aesthetic. Ease of access is just as important. Customers in this camp appreciate a single-use package that utilizes micro-perforation, tear-notch design for easy tearing across the top of the package.

This makes it easy for your customer to enjoy a quick, one-time meal or snack and easily dispose of the packaging without any excessive mess or dishes. These packaging features are great for young office workers who don’t want to worry about dealing with Tupperware or dishes during their busy – and sometimes stressful – workday.

Simple Design Speaks to Them

As we touched on earlier, sometimes a product’s packaging can be too busy-looking or seem contrived to this crowd so keep it simple and let them know exactly what is in the package. Keep the directions on the package to the point and straightforward if additional steps are needed to consume the product.

Stick with monochrome color schemes and easy to read fonts. Choosing a color like mauve or aqua is fine, just make sure the font and other design elements aren’t over-stylized. If you want to add images or graphics, silhouettes and simple outlines are the way to go. 

Target Market: Over 40 Professionals On the Go

This target market is similar to millennials and young professionals as they don’t need a whole bunch of bells and whistles when it comes to aesthetics.

The big difference between this group and the young professionals is that they may travel often or have more responsibilities and obligations to uphold and will trade the minimalism aesthetic for more information and familiarity when it comes to packaging.

 Food on the Move Made Easy

Although all of the packaging ideas above can be made convenient by adding features such as resealable closures and tear tabs, some products sell really well when they are simple, straightforward, and easy to use when there are a million other things going on. They are also fans of the single-serving package, as storing multi-serving snacks in an already full bag can be a hassle.

Don’t be Vague with Design

People who fit this demographic are busy and typically don’t purchase a product because of stylish packaging. They want to know exactly what they are getting right then and there. We suggest adding a high-quality graphic of what’s inside the package or using see-through windows to give a glimpse.

Some companies that pride themselves on using only a few ingredients will actually list out what’s inside right on the front of the package.

Don’t go too crazy with colors. Packaging for this target market can be a bit colorful to catch the eye, but try to avoid going overboard.

At the end of the day, you know your customers best and we hope that our suggestions above gave you a few ideas for creating packaging that speaks to them!
At Plastic Packaging Technologies, we offer a variety of packaging options that can be customized to suit your company’s needs. We know that trying to market your product to a specific demographic can be tricky, so we strive to help you do the best you possibly can.

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