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flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is a type of product packaging that uses non-rigid packaging materials, including plastic and paper, to create a wide range of pliable product containers. This style of packaging requires less material than traditional rigid packaging methods and affords companies increased customization options.

Thanks to its cost-effective nature, versatility, and contributions to sustainability efforts, flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular. This article will discuss various types of flexible packaging and why companies and customers love it more than other types of product packaging.

Types of Flexible Packaging

There are several types of flexible packaging, including the following.

  • Stand-Up Pouches
  • Rollstock
  • Flat-Bottom Box Pouches
  • Pinch-Bottom Box Pouches
  • Single-Web Quad Bags
  • 3-Side Seal Pouches

Stand-Up Pouches

Pouches are probably the first thing you think of when someone mentions flexible packaging. You can customize pouches in several ways, and their shelf presence is second to none. We design our stand-up pouches with strength and performance in mind.


Rollstock is another popular type of flexible packaging. Rollstock is ideal for vertical and horizontal filling equipment; it offers unique customization features to improve accessibility, and it protects products well, thanks to the variety of barrier materials available.

Flat-Bottom Box Pouches

Flat-bottom box pouches provide carton-like shelf presence and secure shelf placement that increases the number of facings on the retail shelf. Flat-bottom box pouches offer excess print area for brand promotion and visual design and tons of customization options.

Pinch-Bottom Box Pouches

Pinch-bottom box pouches have increased pouch height for a larger filling volume and four printable sides for more brand promotion. Pinch-bottom box pouches are similar to their flat-bottom cousins in that they have a strong shelf presence and more facings to market to consumers.

Single-Web Quad Bags

Single-web quad bags are ideal for pet food, industrial, lawn, and garden products. Single-web quad bags are incredibly sturdy, reducing the risk of infestation or spoilage, meaning your customers get to experience your products the way you intended.

3-Side Seal Pouches

3-side seal pouches have seals on three sides (clever name, right?). These seals increase product protection, and you can enhance the customer experience with one of several recloseable feature options. You can use 3-side seal pouches with form, fill, and seal machines to package your products faster than ever before.

Why Do Companies Love Flexible Packaging?

There are so many reasons why product manufacturers prefer this type of packaging, including the following.

  • It is efficient to produce and cheaper to ship
  • It is a design dream made in heaven
  • It is heavily customizable
  • It keeps products fresh for a long time
  • It is sustainable
  • It is versatile

Flexible Packaging Is Efficient to Produce and Cheaper to Ship

Flexible packaging uses less base material than traditional rigid packaging, which improves production time and decreases the energy needed to produce it. It also weighs up to 70 percent less than rigid packaging, reducing shipping costs.

Flexible Packaging Is a Design Dream Made in Heaven

Traditional rigid packaging limits your design options. With flexible packaging, the only limit to your designs is your imagination. It sports moldable materials that afford you more control over its design, from the colors to the texture. Plastic Packaging Technologies (PPT) will help you design your packaging if you are having trouble!

We use the latest plate and print technology in the packaging industry to achieve top-quality printing with high-end, vivid graphics. We also offer collaborative package design, technical guidance, and other resources, such as digital renderings and tangible prototypes, so you achieve the exact design you want. Let’s turn your first-time customers into lifetime customers!

Flexible Packaging Is Heavily Customizable

Flexible packaging offers so many more ways to customize your packaging than just the visual design. Whether it’s adding a die-cut handle to easily hang your product on displays, flattening the bottom for increased stability and shelf presence, or providing customers with an easy way to open and close your products, this novel packaging offers more customization options than you can imagine.

These accessibility features and valuable enhancements improve your customer experience and help your products stand apart from the competition!

Flexible Packaging Keeps Products Fresh for a Long Time

Our flexible packaging has barrier protection that keeps products fresh and safe from environmental hazards like dust, moisture, vapor, and UV light. This type of packaging increases your product’s shelf life and keeps it in the best condition possible for the most prolonged time.

Flexible Packaging Is Sustainable

You may be saying, “wait a minute. I thought plastic was bad for the environment?” Well, like any other complex situation with multiple factors to consider, the answer has some nuance. While recycling tends to get the most attention, “reduce” and “reuse” are just as important.

Flexible packaging reduces the amount of material you need for the manufacturing process, thanks to its lightweight nature. This packaging is attractive to those who favor planet-friendly products and companies. We’re committed to sustainability at PPT, and we are a proud member of multiple sustainability-focused organizations.

Flexible Packaging Is Versatile

Flexible packaging is ideal for products across several markets. If you need packaging for pet food, we offer large bags with barriers and resealing options to keep your product fresh until the very last kibble. If you’re looking for food packaging, we have barrier and non-barrier applications for dry, frozen, fresh, liquid, and dairy products.

Industries as diverse as lawn and garden supply, industrial applications, and healthcare can all benefit from flexible packaging. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop the right solution for you and your customers. No product is too ordinary (or too out there) for our team of designers and market experts.

Customers Love Flexible Packaging!

Flexible packaging offers your company several benefits, but what do the customers think? Well, they love it! Customers appreciate flexible packaging’s lightweight nature, which makes it easy to handle when they’re shopping in-store and even easier to add to their cart. Novel design options and aesthetically pleasing branding draw customers to your products over your competitor’s products.

Flexible packaging also takes up less room in the cupboard, which means customers are more likely to stock up on their favorite products since they don’t require much space. Did we mention the vast number of customization options, like easy-open and resealing features, that make your product even more convenient?

Enhance Your Packaging with Help from PPT

The flexible packaging market is relatively new, but it increases in popularity every single day. Developing adequate packaging is crucial to your product’s success and sales, and PPT can help you do so. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to make high-quality packaging for your products, we are here to help.

We use industry-leading machinery and cutting-edge equipment and technology to develop the highest quality product packaging solutions for our customers. Each of our products offers outstanding product protection and high-quality visuals that will resonate with your current customers and draw in first-time buyers. Reach out to us today if you are ready to take your products to the next level!

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